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It’s great to be training more with my soccer team.   We are gearing up for a big tournament at the end of April in Dallas, Texas.  We are training 5 days a week and a lot of that is pure fitness training – my absolute favorite!

Team Huddle
Goofing Around With Our Coach Kwame
OSU Force 96' Girls - missing two players


One good way for team bonding is to have different players take over a fitness training session.  Last night I lead a 90 minute session with another team mate.  I am used to instructing TKD classes but it’s different when it’s in front of your peers and you never know if they will take you as seriously as they take the coach.  I was really happy that everyone worked hard and didn’t give up.  A lot of the drills were done in pairs to promote working together as well.

Running to Loud Music Makes it More Fun
We need explosive leg strength for speed
Core Stengthening Is So Hard But So Important So We Don't Get Pushed Around On The Field
Team Work Builds Trust on the Field
The Spiderman Crawl Doesn't Look Pretty But it's a Great Overall Body Strengthener - it's a lot Harder Than it Looks

My fitness trainer Jonathon Martel from Nukleus Fitness helped me design the session using a variety of Plyometrics to build stronger legs for soccer and a stronger core to prevent injury.  Since the team moved up to the OYSL (Provincial Level) will be playing against much stronger and faster teams than we are used to this summer so we have to be as ready as possible.

Next time another team mate will lead the class.  I also think that once you’ve had to lead a class yourself you respect how hard it can be to teach a big group of teenage girls. We’ll all work harder since we never know when it will be our time to instruct and we will want the same cooperation when it’s our turn in front of everyone.  I had a lot fun last night and hope my team mates did too.

I am also starting to train for the Eastern Canadian Taekwon-do Championships held May 7th in Ottawa.  It is a sanctioned event for points towards the next World Championships in 2013 held in Spain.

This morning I went to the first try-outs for the high school track and field team.  I am trying out for javelin throw and shot-put.  I will find out on Friday if I also try out for the school soccer team.  I’m not really sure how it all works yet and I have to see if there are enough hours in the day to fit it all in 🙁


3 thoughts on “Back to Pre-Season OSU Force 96′ Girls Soccer Training”

  1. Wow – no rest for you 🙂 Glad to hear you will be at the tournament on May 7th. It’s now at Bell – even better. Cameron will be competing too. Can’t wait to watch you compete.

  2. Ya, life never seems to slow down but I love the variety right now.

    I’m looking forward to the Eastern Canadians on May 7th. It will be great to see all my friends that I haven’t seen since New Zealand. I’ve really missed them. I would love to be there for Cameron while he is competing or help him with his patterns before the tournament. I’m happy that I will not be judging at this tournament but I will be coaching instead.

    I will be at Trigger’s TKD April 9th to help her with the black belt test in the afternoon after my soccer game.

  3. How did the black belt testing go? We wanted to come by, but it was so nice outside the boys were playing road hockey with all the kids on the street – tough to take them away from that! See you soon – we hope!

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