Back at it!

I realize that I haven’t written a blog in quite some time and I apologize for that. I have been really busy working 2 jobs while taking a summer university Accounting class as well. I haven’t even had the chance to train at all this summer. Although it’s been a refreshing break to focus on other things,  there is a huge part of me that is missing without TKD so it’s time to get back at it!

It starts this week!

Last night I was VERY excited to have been invited to Mr. Choquette’s TKD school  in Orleans to teach a class focusing on ‘Competition Preparation’. Mr. Choquette and I have known each other since I was a 3 year old white belt. I remember as a kid, watching him do patterns and always being so amazed. He is a great person and a wonderful instructor.  It was very cool after all these years to be teaching a class in his dojang. He has a great school filled with energetic students who are eager to learn. IMG_6385 It was only an 80 mins class so I wanted to keep the structure simple, yet share a lot of information so that if people could pick up even just one thing that they could relate to, it would be worth while for them.  The challenge was finding drills that very young children and adults could all do together. Everyone ranged in ages from yellow belts right up to 2nd dan black belts. IMG_6326I started with a dynamic warm up, explaining the benefits of having a set warmup routine for competitions. IMG_6204IMG_6203 (800x493)IMG_6206 (800x494) After we moved into patterns. I put them through a pattern workout that challenges them to learn how to control their bodies better and use all of it to bring the most into their patterns. We did patterns emphasising on either quick hand speed and relaxation in between each movement or on  hard and powerful movements with a louder breath coming from the diaphragm. At the end, I could notice a vast improvement already in the acceleration, power, pace , confidence and energy input of their patterns.

IMG_6242 (800x533)
Showing a breathing technique using the diaphragm

I was really impressed with how determined all the students were. They tried their best and gave it their all.  They also had interesting questions so I knew they were concentrating on what we were doing. We then worked on sparring drills focusing on controlling the distance in a unique way.

distance drills for sparring

I then gave a little demo with Mr. Choquette to explain some different defensive options. Finally it was everyone’s turn to try the different options to find out which ones work the best for them. IMG_6304 (800x533) IMG_6296 IMG_6297 IMG_6327 IMG_6285 IMG_6330IMG_6337 (800x533)IMG_6340IMG_6357 (800x531)IMG_6361 (800x533) IMG_6334 IMG_6289 (800x500) It’s funny how after a little break of something, your first time back, you realize JUST how much you missed it and how much you truly love something.  I loved sharing my passion and I hope they enjoyed it too. IMG_6382 (533x800) Thank you Mr. Choquette for having me and thank you to everyone who came and participated. 🙂