Awesome TKD Training with our USA Guests

 Saturday 9am – 5pm Sparring Training:

It’s so worthwhile to train with as many new people as possible.  Mr. LeGrow invited one of the Junior Sparring USA Team members (Ronald Honka) from Brooklyn to come spar with us for the weekend as well as his friend Ha Tang. Other junior boys came from our dojang to spar with us on Saturday as well.  Mr. LeGrow led a grueling 6 hour training session.


The morning consisted of sparring drills focussing on foot work and combinations.  We also did some cardio circuit training.









In the afternoon we did nothing but free sparring for over 2 hours.  It was awesome but exhausting 🙂  I sparred with Ron more than anyone since he is also competing in Spain and we both want to get as much practice in as possible.  It was good since we are similar in size and weight.  We have never sparred each other before so it was truly like a tournament situation where you have to learn to read the opponent extremely fast.  I had no idea what his abilities were and he didn’t know mine so it makes it a great game of chess trying to figure out what the next move is going to be 🙂  Thanks for training with me Ron.  I look forward to seeing you again in Spain.  Good luck with the training.


I love always enjoy sparring and training with Lisa Perry from Blackburn TKD.



Sunday 10am-1pm -3rd Degree and Up Pattern Training:


 Mr. LeGrow lead a 3 hour seminar workshop for 3rd degree patterns and up.  I was really stiff and sore all over from all the training yesterday but I loosened up a bit as soon as we started to go.  It was nice to have guests Mr Choquette and Mr. Nguyen, and Ha join the training!  Mr. LeGrow is extremely technical and a true expert in patterns so everyone appreciates his feedback.






I’ve had a really frustrating 3 month recovering from my injured elbow but this weekend, I finally felt like I was back in my ‘Happy Place’  and it was the first time that I actually forgot about my elbow.  That’s a very good thing 🙂

I’ve been selected for Team Canada to also do Flying Side Kick for the  Special Techniques Event so I am practising that as well.  I’m surprised how well it’s going.  Each time I get a bit better.  All the explosive leg and jumping work that I have been doing are working effectively. 🙂