Another Tough Training With Wayne

After being at a Track and Field meet all day in the cold and wet weather, I didn’t think it was enough for one day so I went to TKD to get my butt kicked by Wayne Thomson again ;).  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t completely exhausted at this point.

Tonight, he brought me through yet other incredible workout. I started off shadow boxing and doing burpees. He brought a vest with him that weighs 20 pounds that you wear. I shadow boxed with that on my back for a long time and  my legs really started to get tired but I felt light as a feather once it came off. 🙂  Strong explosive legs are good for all my sports.

I did a lot of sparring tonight with more emphasis using my hands and establishing my jab while having good movement. It was a really intense night because my cardio was being tested as well as my brain.  I love learning so I was mentally fried after.  Just when I thought I was done the next thing I knew, I was doing a suicides.  My heart was pounding and I could hardly  breathe.  I really needed mental strength to get through. Then I was doing alligator crawls back and forth the length of the dojang.  Then I had to continue doing the same thing with a push up incorporated.  I was so tired!!!!! I kept pushing until I finished and then collapsed 🙂 I felt so good and proud after.  I love those work outs!  I have to use the vest and the tether belt on my own every day until I see him next week.  I wonder what he’ll put me through next? lol