A New Way of Eating!

I had a very productive meeting with fitness coach/nutritional coach and friend Wayne Thompson  from Core Plus Fitness right after school about my nutritional needs for the next nine months.

Oh Boy,  I need to make some major changes!!!  I am apologizing in advance to all my friends.  I might be a bit grumpy at first until I get used to all these new foods 🙂

We talked about my daily nutritional needs with all the training I do and the timing between each meal to maintain my strength and stamina.  I need to be eating 7 little meals throughout the day.  The goal here isn’t to lose weight or anything, but to maintain the energy and I need to get through the day of intense training (track and TKD).  I need the proper nutrition to keep my body in top shape.  I haven’t been eating nearly enough!  To be honest, I have never tried some of the foods that he told me to eat so I am a little bit (a lot) scared. :p

I am an extremely picky eater but I know that this improvement is what my body needs and I am completely willing to eat/drink whatever is necessary to get the results I want.  Training alone won’t be enough.

I am taking charge of my diet so that means that I will be shopping and cooking/preparing my food for the week on Sundays.  I’ll be freezing my daily portions.  My biggest challenge is having the ‘right’ food prepared and that are portable from morning until very late at night since I’m never home.

Right after my meeting with Wayne I went to the book store and bought the book he suggested and a journal to keep track of everything.

I’ve spent my Friday night reading the book so I can start writing my meal plans.

This weekend I will be researching and shopping to prepare for the week.  Wish me luck!   I thought it was finally time to start taking control and doing what’s best for my body.  I am really excited about it.

Thanks Wayne for all your great advice.  Since Wayne is also a Martial Artist he understands the type of work out that I do so that is very helpful.

This will be my new Best Friend


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  1. Way to go Kayla look what you have accomplished eating incorrectly imagine what you will achieve with all this new found energy look out world here comes the new and improved Kayla :-).

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