A Joint Motivational Project With my Mom

I’m pretty excited that my mom and I are working a new ‘motivational’ project.

My mom takes 1,000’s of pictures all the time and they are REALLY good and unique.  I love thinking of inspirational quotes that help me either train harder or feel good.  Our skills compliment each other so we have started putting them together.  Here are a few samples and there are so many more to come.

We would love to spread positive messages to as many people as possible.  Everyone deserves to feel important, loved, strong and beautiful.

We aren’t 100% sure how we want to distribute them yet.  I am looking for different ways to earn an income that would help pay for International competitions.  If anyone has any suggestions to make this work please feel free to share them with me.  I would really appreciate it!  Thanks

2 thoughts on “A Joint Motivational Project With my Mom”

  1. Such a good idea, your talents & 2 great minds joined together…!! I think it’s awesome, are you going to have them done and mounted as posters & sell them…?

    If so, good luck to you..!

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