A Full Weekend of TKD

Not only did I have really valuable Track practices this Easter weekend, I also had amazing TKD training. I really wanted to take advantage of every possible moment on the holiday.  I’m working hard on my new 3rd degree pattern and I’m happy with the way it’s progressing.  I still have two more new patterns to learn and perfect before Pan American Championships in June.

On Saturday I trained all afternoon and my Grandpa came to watch.  He used to box and do a lot of grappling and jujitsu so he really understands this stuff.  I’m lucky to have a Grandpa that has done every sport that I love to do.  Maybe I’m following in his foot steps 🙂

Mr. LeGrow has been working hard with me and critiquing every movement.  He realizes that I am under pressure to learn things quickly but thoroughly.  I’m the one putting the pressure on myself.  No one else.  I just have a lot of pride and I want to be as prepared as possible.  I am following the TKD philosophy of not getting ahead of myself and learning each pattern in order before moving on to the next pattern.  This takes discipline since it’s easy to want to jump ahead but this skill has helped me in other sports too by learning steps in sequence and not rushing things. Perseverance and Patience!

I also trained with a gentleman who is new to our school.  He’s a good 2nd degree black belt and likes to train hard so it was fun. We were doing a warm-up with repetition on hand techniques and kicks but it felt more like just a regular workout.  🙂

I really wanted to take advantage of some good TKD training on Easter Monday too since I didn’t have school.  I gave 2 hours of one on one training to two students who wanted some tournament training.  We fine tuned their patterns and I gave them specific drills to work on during the next week and I’ll see how they’ve progressed at our next session together next Sunday.

I like to spend the time talking with the kids to find out what their concerns are about competing so I know what it is that they want me to focus on.  This is their special training and I want to make sure it’s beneficial for them and that it’s different than normal training.  They loved it when I filmed them with my Coaches Eye app and they could see what they were doing wrong.  Now they know what and how to do the movements better.

Then I had another few hours working with other black belts on 1st and 2nd degree patterns as a group with Mr. LeGrow.  We are doing patterns in a cool way to work and perfect the fundamental movements.  I can really see and feel the difference in my patterns which is very exciting.

Then I spent another hour just going over my new 3rd degree pattern alone with Mr. LeGrow.  I think I have all movements down,  so it was time to work on the rhythm of putting the pattern together.  It was a bit overwhelming to do it all at full speed for the first time.  My mom taped Mr. LeGrow and me doing the pattern together so I have something to refer back to.  This Coaches Eye is so helpful to me 🙂


Mr. LeGrow made me hold each stance for 10 seconds so he had the chance to perfect each detail of the movement and it also helps with muscle memory, not to mention muscle fatigue 🙂 Thank you so much Mr. Legrow! It’s been awesome 🙂

I was so happy that I had beautiful sunny weather for track practice yesterday since today was cold and dreary.  Everything worked out just the way it should.  Yay!