A Day of Inspiration

I always try to surround myself with positive and motivated people!  I get inspired when I’m with people who challenge themselves.  It doesn’t matter to me what the sport or activity is.  For me, it’s all about pushing yourself through the moments when you want to give up but you keep on going anyway.

One of my closest friends is a true inspiration!  Stephanie Boivin competed on the National Taekwon-Do team for two consecutive World Championships and has qualified to compete for Canada at next year’s World Championships in France for Duathlons!!!!

Stephanie came to Ottawa for a duathlon at Mooney’s Bay here in Ottawa that was put on by Somersault Sports.  The whole area was packed with hundreds of athletes of all ages, sizes, experience and abilities.  There were several differnent distances and race combinations so there was something for everyone.  Some were out to win and others were  proud to  just ‘be there’.  Either way, it’s all good 🙂

You got this Steph!

I was happy to be there to cheer her on

I was so shocked to see my phys-ed teacher preparing her bike across from Stephanie. Ms. Rusch was running a triathlon and Steph was running a duathlon.

A very fast start – there were 89 competitors in Steph’s duathlon.

She started off with her first 2km run

Then she had a transition on to the bike

Followed by a 30km bike ride

Then the second transition off the bike to continue for another 5 km run

Strong finish winning her the first place in her age division

Steph came 1st in her age 17-19, 2nd overall for women and 14th including all ages and men

The overall woman had previously placed at a World Championship.  That should give you an idea of the calibre that Steph was up against.

Ms. Rusch looked strong after her swim in Mooney’s Bay.  That was the first leg of her triathlon.

I didn’t see her bike portion but it was so fun to cheer her on at the finish line.  her kids were going crazy cheering in the stands too.

Ms. Ver Hallen was also there and she ran the last running portion with Ms. Rusch.  I was inspired to see my school teachers run the race.  They are good role models.

I was inspired and entertained by a whole new generation of tiny little athletes.  They were absolutley adorable 🙂  They swam at the beach and then ran to the track.  They were  proud of themselves and were having a blast.  This is our next generation of athletes.  You’re never too young to start a healthy lifestyle.

I give this little athelete a 10/10 for Style and Cutness!

The aerodynamics of the bathing cap help compensate for the wind resistance of the flowing skirt lol – priceless

I want to marry this little guy.  He’s got mad Swag!

Such an Inspiration!

I was inspired by a number of athletes.  I loved watching the expressions on people’s faces as they pushed through their pain, or when they were jumping up and down just to finish or because they beat their Personal Best.  It’s all about setting your goal and going after it.  I have lots of important short term goals but I’m the type of person that also needs a big long term goal to work towards.  Now I just have to decide what that big goal is?!?!

2 thoughts on “A Day of Inspiration”

  1. Hey Kayla

    Thanks for cheering me on Saturday during the race. It always helps so much to have people pushing me. Next year I want to see some pictures of you doing this event too! I’d love to race against you on my bike.

    I love the pictures of the little guys that were out racing.
    Mrs Rusch

    • It was awesome seeing you there! It sets a good example, and it was nice cheering you on after you cheered me on all year. Who knows, maybe I will race against you next year 🙂 It would be a good and fun challenge. See you at school 🙂

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