80th IIC Queens NYC

Thank you Master Suarez from Queens TKD for hosting such a successful 80th IIC (International Instructor’s Course) in NYC. Over 130 black belts (including 10 Masters) entered into the Queens College gym looking forward to gain more knowledge from Grand Master Marano (Argentina), Grand Master Lan (Germany) and Grand Master Bos (Italy).  There were people from all over the States, Spain, Peurto Rico, Italy, Paraguay, Jamaica and there was a large group of us from Canada.  It was wonderful to be with so many Masters and Instructors to learn from.  We were honoured to have the President of the ITF TKD, Grand Master Trajtenberg join us for the entire weekend.

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iictimessquare 310
All the Canadians at the Seminar
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Saluting General Choi

This is my second IIC that I’ve attended. Although the format is pretty similar at every IIC there is always so much to learn since every time you attend a seminar you are looking for different answers and you’re at a different stage of your life so you pick up on different aspects.  This is especially true when they discuss the philosophy or the ‘Do’ part of Taekwon-Do.  I was especially interested since I was a 2nd degree at the last IIC and now I wanted some clarification on the 3rd degree patterns.  It’s also always good to learn new sparring drills to practice when we get home to our own dojangs.  I especially learned a lot with step sparring and self defense.

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These IIC’s are so important to keep unification. It’s great that everyone is doing the same thing no matter what country you’re from.  This also helps with fair judging at International competition.

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The Grand Masters divided us into two groups (up to 3rd degree and then 4th degree and up) and each Grand Master focused on their own specialty. This is a great method since it keeps things interesting. Each Grand Master has their own style and personality which is great since you learn so much from each one of them.  I’ve had the pleasure of training with Grand Master Lan on several occasions so I was really excited to see him again.  I’ve attended 4 seminars with Grand Master Marano and I love how technical he is with his critiquing.  This was my first time meeting Grand Master Bos and I was so impressed with his knowledge, high energy levels and his sense of humour it was inspiring.

I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to do Eui-Am with Grand Master Bos since it just reinforced everything that I’ve been doing in my training.  Throughout the seminar, people would volunteer to go up. This can be quite intimidating to volunteer and be picked apart in front of your peers and seniors. I look at it as an opportunity to learn from the absolute best. Grand Master Bos broke down every movement, stance, block, kick and punch. My biggest mistake was wearing my rubber bracelets 🙂  The rubber bracelets are all my own custom made bands with my own positive and motivational words written on them.  The words inspire me to train hard and be the best person that I can be every day.  They are my version of a ‘tattoo’ since they are just a part of me now.  I promise Grand Master Bos I will remove them when I compete 🙂

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I also had fun doing Juche in a ‘mock’ tournament style with two gentlemen.  I love having the pressure of a tournament.  Grand Master Lan was sitting directly in front of me along with 7 other judges so it was fun.

iictimessquare 076
I was so happy to share this experience with my Instructor Mr. Steven LeGrow

This was a two day seminar for up to 3rd degrees. On the first evening, there was a formal dinner banquet at a beautiful marina andI had a great time.  I got the chance to mingle and talk with new people.  This made the second day more fun in the sense that I knew more people, and I really found my comfort zone.

iicbanquet 033
Dinner Banquet

The third day was only for 4th degrees and up.  Since they are school instructors they cover the business side of things as well as running successful dojangs.  It’s also one of the only opportunity that they get for critiquing their higher patterns so they need more time alone.

iic in nyc 059
The 4th degrees and up talk about different things since they are mostly dojang owners.

I left the seminar with new friends from all around the world.  It’s amazes me how something like TKD can pull so many people together sharing the same passion.  That is how you know that TKD is not just a sport and art but truly ‘a way of life’.

I was one of the younger people at the seminar and I was impressed looking around the room and seeing people train who were 60+ in age.  It’s inspiring to see that TKD can lead to healthy lifestyle for my entire life.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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I’m just one happy kid right now 🙂

iictimessquare 282

To view all 800 photos that my mom took click on the image below.  She took pictures of everyone and of all the different parts of the seminar.  I find looking back at the pictures a good review of what we learned.  Hope you enjoy them too.

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful & unforgettable experience you had…! Also the abundance & expertise of knowledge you sure must have acquired will be with you forever…!

    Glad you had a good time & met so many interesting people…!

    • Joanne, he was teasing me thinking they were from boyfriends 🙂 Actually you are not allowed to wear ANY jewelry when competing so that was the point he was making. Just following the rules….point taken!

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