3rd Degree Black Belt Physical Test – Part 1

8KM is 20 laps around the track

Yesterday was part 1 of my 3rd degree test.  I’ve never done a Taekwon-Do test at an indoor track before but it worked out really well!  I train several hours a week at this track so I felt very comfortable and since the test was on a Friday morning, I basically had the whole place to myself.

I was surprised how easy I found the run.  I just listened to my favourite music and kept a steady pace.  I knew I had to pace myself since I had about 2 hours of straight physical endurance ahead of me.

My mom was so sweet and made signs of encouragment for me! How cute is that??!! I can always count on her support 🙂


Every lap my dad would hold up the number of laps. It actually made me smile every time. Lap 15 of 20!
Felt good to finish!
Kevin Frost and Kayla Maduk

It was amazing that my friend Kevin Frost showed up to train at the track at the same time. I only met Kevin a year ago right before the World Championships but we keep in touch and follow each others events and training.  He is one of the most inspiring and motivational people I know.  Kevin is deaf and blind and competes at the National and International level for Long Track Speed Skating,  Indoor Rowing and Track.  His vision is like looking through a pin hole. Just last week we were talking and he was telling me how excited he was about competing in Germany next week for  the Long Track and then in May he is competing in Scotland for the first time ever Blind World Short Track.  To find out more about Kevin look at his link.  I believe the ‘right’ people come into your life at the ‘right’ time.  It felt great to hear him cheer me on.  I will certainly be cheering him on next week while he’s in Germany.  Go Kevin!

Kevin Frost

As I watched Kevin race around the track it completely inspired me to do the very best that I could.  Once the run was over I immediately started the skipping portion.  I’m not sure why, but I absolutely love to skip and I can go forever.  My feet were hurting A LOT.  I had been pounding on the hard surface for so long and I’m used to the soft mats at the dojang.  I had to do 2,000 skips in 25 minutes but I was happy that I finished in 20 minutes.

completed 2,000 skips in 20 minutes

There were no breaks between each event so your body never got a chance to recuperate.

5 sets of 30 push-ups with a 45 second break between each set
water has never tasted so good!

Sit-ups were next, I do those every day so it wasn’t bad.

5 sets of 30 sit-ups with a 45 second break between each set

At this point in the test I was actually feeling pretty good and then I had to face the dreaded burpees!!!!!!  I hate them! First you jump straight up and then land on the ground in a push up position and then jump up again.  I really didn’t feel well after those!

3 sets of 20 burpees


After the burpees my arms and legs felt like jello.  Everything was tired and shaky from the 8km run, the 2,000 skips, 150 push-ups, 150 sit-ups and the 60 burpees.

By the time I got to the actual Taekwon-Do requirements my body just didn’t want to play anymore 🙂  I was just happy to be able to finish all the requirements in the time frame.  It’s funny how the kicking and punching drills that I do all the time were what I found the hardest.

30 speed front snap kicks on each leg and 30 speed turning kicks on each leg
30 speed side kicks each leg and 30 speed hooking kick each leg


3 rounds of 1 minutes (100 punches/round)
Dr. Anthony Aiello and Kayla Maduk

It was also really special that Dr. Aiello came to watch the last part of my test.  He was the one who took care of my ankle all winter and he knew how important this test was to me so it was nice that he could see me complete it.  He was very good at keeping my priorities all winter so I would be able to test sooner than later.  He works right out of the Pro Physio and Sport Medicine Centre here at the Louis Riel Dome.  It was so funny how the staff waved to me every time I ran by their window on the track.  These guys are amazing.

Mr. Steven LeGrow and Kayla Maduk

I know this is only part 1 of my test but it feels so good to get it over with so I can now focus on the written exam and the technical exam tomorrow.  The physical test not only measures your physical endurance but also the mental endurance.   Even when I was really tired at the end there was no way that I was going to stop before I had completed every thing in the time allowed.  Thanks Mr. LeGrow for giving up your day to test me.







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  1. Congratulations Kayla on part 1 – you will rock at the rest!
    We remember meetin Kevin Frost at Blackburn last year that is awesome that he was there. Hope all your bracelets don’t weigh you down 🙂

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