2014 Personal Highlights

I definitely had more ups and downs than normal during 2014 but I guess its all part of growing up.


Every Christmas I review my blog and make a quick recap of the year and I always feel extremely grateful for the things that I’ve been able to accomplish (despite the challenges) and the experiences I’ve had.  It also makes me think of what I want to achieve in 2015.


My top personal highlights:

  1. Spoke to 10 groups of students (grades 4-12) on my Goal Setting Program.  Some groups were as large as 250 people
  2. Raised $400 for the ‘Relay for Life’ by giving private TKD coaching sessions – donated all the proceeds to Cancer Research
  3. Taught kick-boxing sessions through the night at the ‘Relay for Life’ for my High School
  4. Graduated from High School with Honours
  5. Honoured to be the Valedictorian for my graduating year
  6. Received the Community Builder Award from Ross’ Independent Grocer including a $500 Bursary
  7.  Won Gold for Sparring and Gold for Patterns at the Eastern Canadian Championships in Nova Scotia
  8. Won Gold for Sparring and Gold for Patterns at the Unity Championship in Connecticut, USA
  9. Recorded three songs in a studio with my good friends for my first time
  10. Launched my ikicklikeagirl.com “BELIEVE” hoodies to promote positive self-esteem.  Sold close to 100 hoodies in just 4 months coast to coast of Canada
  11. Invited to spend a week at MacKenzie TKD in Halifax.  I was hired to help with their summer camp and to give a Sparring Seminar to the students of MacKenzie TKD.  I also gave private coaching sessions to those students where were heading off to Jamaica for the World Cup
  12. Lost 23 pounds so I could compete in a lower weight division in sparring
  13. Gave two Competition Training Seminars to the students of Black Belt Excellence TKD
  14. Won Gold for Heavy Weight Sparring and Gold for 3rd degree patterns at the Canadian National Championships in Regina – Major challenge with a very painful foot injury
  15. Proud to be selected for the National Team to represent Canada again at the next World Championships in May of 2015 in Italy.  Moved up to the Adult Division ages 18-34
  16. Successfully completed my first semester at Carleton University while still keeping my part-time job at McDonalds
  17. Attended many amazing TKD seminars and workshops throughout the year

2014 was all about gaining independence, adjusting to the fact that friends were moving away to university, making new friends, figuring out a new training schedule, coping with injuries, helping mom with her ongoing health battles, and figuring out how university works.  Life was so much easier when all I had to do was go to school and train 🙂

I am so lucky that I have amazing things to look forward to in 2015.  It will be a year of:

  • determination and dedication preparing for the World Championships
  • maintaining my marks at University
  • planning more public speaking sessions
  • selling more hoodies to spread a positive message
  • and figuring out ways to give back to my community

I already have a couple speaking engagements lined up and I will be running another TKD seminar in the Spring! Exciting times ahead!  🙂

Happy New Year Everyone!  I wish you happiness, good health, lots of love and success in your dreams and goals.  Remember, its all about the journey.  Make every moment count!