2013 Canadian National TKD Training Day 3

Sunday Day 38:30 am – 1:00 pm

Ms. Bond put us all through another warm-up  to get the day going and then we divided into our disciplines again.  Since I spent all day yesterday working on sparring I worked on patterns for the first portion while the sparring group went and did a spinning class. We did hundreds of slow motion kicks from our patterns with ankle weights on. We were exhausted :p I feel a bit rusty with my patterns right now since I couldn’t work on them for a few months with my elbow injury but now I am excited to work on them again.

Then it was our turn to do the second Spinning Class. Both of them were held by Ms. Bond. She’s such an incredible athlete! watching her is an inspiration in itself.  I absolutely loved the spinning.  The music is blaring and we are all in a small mirrored room.  The energy is so high and you just want to do the best that you possibly can.  I know I’m in better shape this time around since I found it a little easier than last year.

As soon as I finished the spinning class Ms. Merritt pulled me aside for Special Techniques and Power Breaking.  We started with special techniques.  My goal is to prove that hyper-weights can jump!!!! lol  This is when I realized just how much all my own training with weight lifting and explosive drills have helped me.  I would never have even considered Special Techniques until now.

Then I did power breaking.  I was able to do all the breaks but there are definitely some that I’m stronger in.  The hardest thing is getting over the element of fear or hesitation.  When you are going with all your strength and momentum you have to be so accurate since there is no turning back once you’ve started the motion.

While I  was with Ms. Merritt the rest of the group were doing competition simulations of sparring and patterns. 

The final portion of the day was all sitting on the mats reviewing and critiquing previous sparring and pattern videos from previous World Championships.  I found it really cool since I just wanted to leave for Spain right away after watching them.

My Instructor Mr. Steven LeGrow and Ms. Chelsea Stone were appointed to be captains of the team.  Congratulations! They were awesome team captains in NZ and I am sure they will be great again this year!

Thanks to all the coaches and our team Manager Mr. Richard Nguyen for putting on a great training weekend.