12 Years Ago TODAY I Took My First Taekwon-Do Class with Master Kou.

It’s so hard to believe that 12 years ago today I was only 3 1/2 years old and I took my first taekwon-do class with Master Kou.  My brother Greg was already a yellow belt and so was my dad.  I had been watching them for months every day and I couldn’t wait to try it myself.  I felt so ‘grown up and special’ as soon as I put on the crisp white uniform.  I wanted so badly to be like my big brother.

The rest is history.  I never imagined how much TKD would change my life forever!  The date August 21, 1999 is even on my old pictures 🙂

I was so excited to get to my first TKD class with Greg!
The kicking shield looked HUGE! I was glad that my dad was there to help me
I was so little but full of curiosity to try everything
Even my Grandma was there to join in the fun of my first class
Master Kou was my instructor for almost 10 years
It was perfect that Greg was able to celebrate with me at Worlds in New Zealand
Now I love to help and show the next generation of young kids the benefits of TKD


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  1. Wow – 12 years and a lot of medals later – Thank goodness we had the opportunity to meet you at Kous! Keep going.

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