2010  was an incredible year to train with some of the best instructors from around the world.

June 2010 – Spent 1 week with Master Lan, the National Coach from Germany.  Had a two day seminar with several other competitors plus several hours of individual training.  It was life altering experience for Kayla.

Kayla with Master Lan from Germany

August 2010 – Studied with Mr. Kerr (4 time World Champion) from Argentina for four days.  Concentrated on several different sparring techniques

Kayla and Mr. David Kerr from Argentina

September 2010 – Attended 2 day work shop/seminar in Quebec City with Grand Master Morano from Brazil.  Seminar focused on self defense and fine tuning patterns.

Kayla and Grand Master Marano from Brazil

Kayla has also had the opportunity to train in different dojangs throughout Ontario and Quebec.  Every Instructor has something else to add to her knowledge and mastery of Taekwon-Do – not only as a Sport but as an Art.

Kayla has attended the last two Technical Pattern Workshops in Oakville.  These seminars allow athletes from all across Canada and North America to train together in one room.  Friendships are developed from year to year.  The athletes range in age from 13-58 but they are all there for self improvement.

  • 2009 TAO – Annual Technical Conference hosted by Mr. Morningstar – Oakville
  • 2010 TAOAnnual Technical Conference hosted by Mr. Morningstar – Oakville

Kayla has also attended several Self-Defense workshops over the years.  These are wonderful for empowering young girls and woman.

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