A Way Of Life

In Korean, tae means “foot”, kwon means “fist”, and do means “the way”. When translated literally to English, Taekwon-do means “The way of the foot and fist”. However, that definition suggests only the physical aspects, and does not sufficiently encompass all that is truly the art of Taekwon-Do.

There are many facets to Taekwon-Do, and while physical conditioning and self defense skills are certainly advantages, there are other far-reaching benefits, including mental and physical fitness, personal discipline and self confidence. It all has to do with the development of the Taekwon-do spirit, which carries over into all aspects of a person’s life. “Do” in Korean implies a philosophical way of approaching life – a means by which understanding is achieved.

Taekwon-Do seeks to improve a person mentally, physically, and spiritually: The physical techniques strengthen the body and improve coordination and timing; the development of concentration strengthens the mind and improves mental attitudes. The combination of the mental and physical conditioning produces an all-around more positive outlook, better discipline and a renewed sense of confidence.

“The philosophy of Taekwon-Do is based on the ethical, moral, and spiritual standards by which men can live together in harmony.”

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