Maduk Gives 3 Hour Sparring Seminar

While I was in Halifax at MacKenzie TKD for the week I also gave a three hour sparring seminar.  This was another dream come true for me.  I would love to spend a few years travelling the world learning from Masters and Grandmasters and then sharing what I’ve learned. I’ve been given so much knowledge from my Instructor Mr. LeGrow while he … Read more

The Coaching Tables Have Turned

  Every now and then, you come across a coach that not only effects you as an athlete but as a person. Bill Heikkila, was one of those coaches for me.  Bill was a past Javelin Olympian, and my javelin coach for about 3 years until I got injured and had to stop throwing. He is … Read more

Summer Camp at MacKenzie TKD in Halifax

I was extremely happy to be invited to go and work at the  summer camp at MacKenzie TKD in Halifax. I was happy for so many different reasons: I was hired to work with a great group of kids all day every day I was asked to give motivational talks to two groups of kids I was hired … Read more

You Are Never Too Young to Believe in Yourself

I often have the privilege to work with young kids and it’s the most satisfying feeling when you see them thrive. I love to see their confidence grow in a short hour. I love to be reminded by their innocence that anything is possible. I love how they dream big! I love to watch how … Read more

Summer Tournament Training

Mr. Legrow continues to give his amazing weekend trainings.  I absolutely love them since it also gives me more training partners.  I’m so thankful that people travel from Montréal,  Brossard and Longueuil to train with us.  The trainings are also extra special since they are for about 4-5 hours long so you really have time to … Read more

6 Hours Back to Back Competition Training

Last night Mr. Legrow invited students who wanted some extra competition training.  Mr. Filion from Montreal and Ms. Maggie Vadnais from Connecticut came.  We also had students from other schools in Ottawa join.  It’s always fun to train with different people. Several people I know are going to Jamaica next month for the Open World Cup.  Mr. Legrow … Read more

Eastern Canadian TKD Championships – Double Gold

I’m a little behind in my blog posts because I’ve been so busy so here it goes…… 🙂 I didn’t follow my normal training routine at all leading up to the Eastern Canadian Championships which made me a bit nervous. In May I volunteered every Sunday for private coaching in lieu of a $25 donation for … Read more

Great Sunday Black Belt Training

Ever since the competition in Connecticut 2 weeks ago I’ve had a really bad round of Bronchitis and have been on antibiotics so I haven’t done any training until today. From 12:30 to 1:30 I spent time with one student, training for a tournament that’s in a few weeks. I love these sessions since you … Read more

Challenge Accepted!

When I signed up for the Unity Championship in Connecticut USA next month I tried to convince myself to just go and have fun and test the waters to see what it’s like for the first time in the adult division.  I tried to convince myself that since it wasn’t a sanctioned event that it really didn’t matter … Read more

My “Moment”

I was in Montreal over the weekend, staying with my best friend Steph. She’s a personal trainer and the last night that I was there, she worked.  She taught 2 spinning classes and then a Cross Fit class  as well. I decided to join in on the fun! 🙂 My friend Maude from Team Canada joined … Read more