Feels Good To Be Back to a Training Schedule

This week I had two soccer games and then a practice.  I find that all the running is really helping with my cardio and my overall strengthening.  Today my team went to Florida for 10 days for soccer tournament at Disney World.  I would have loved to go with them but this is just another … Read more

Press Release in the Barrhaven Independent

I was so nervous having an interview with the local newspaper reporter. You never know what they’re going to ask or how they will interpret it.  I had to do the interview over the phone after my TKD training at 10:30 at night since it was the only time that I had free.  It was … Read more

Cedarview Middle School Athletic Award Assembly

Wow, what a day!  This morning was spent cheering on my friends who won great awards for their achievements in Arts for the year.  I was so happy for them. Especially Kelsey Just before the Athletic Assembly we had a 5.5 earthquake.  It was so weird feeling the building shake.  We were lucky that our … Read more

Happy Father’s Day

I took a bit of a break this week from Taekwon-do and only trained two nights.  I didn’t realize how tired I was both physically and mentally.  I guess I was more stressed about the National Selections than I wanted to admit.  It’s also been a crazy time trying to finish up all the school … Read more

Training This Week

After the last tournament my coach was given some good feedback from the national team sparring coaches so he really wants me to concentrate on certain areas of training where I need improvement.  It’s great when there is a plan in place.  It felt a bit different training this week since my goals are right … Read more

Getting Sponsors

Now that the news of making the National Team has really sunk in,  I have to not only concentrate on training more but also getting some donations/sponsors to help with the next year.  My parents helped me make a media kit and I went to visit several of the local businesses in Barrhaven for their … Read more

My Last Sporting Event for Cedarview Middle School :(

Thursday was the Board Finals for soccer.  It was a bitter sweet day.  We won in the semi-finals and then again in the finals to come home with the banner for the school.  That was the sweet part.  On the other hand it was also the last time I would wear a Cedaview shirt with … Read more

CanAm Championships in Oakville – 2 Golds

We left for Oakville early Friday morning since it’s about a 5 hour drive.  I wanted to get to the hotel and just chill.  It’s always fun to see old friends from all across Canada arrive.  There were competitors from Vancouver to Halifax and all through the States down to Texas.  After the weigh-ins I … Read more