Inspiring Day At Ronald McDonald House

Today I had a very inspiring visit and tour of the Ottawa Ronald McDonald House. I have been looking to donate a batch of my Believe hoodies that came in the wrong color to a charity or organization.  I didn’t want to incorporate a new colour since  CP Business Solutions and I had just worked really hard on my branding … Read more

Day Time Talk – Rogers TV

What an INCREDIBLE 12 hours!!!!! My TKD instructor Mr. LeGrow,  invited me to join him along with another student (Pierce Rogers) from the dojang to go on the Day Time Talk Ottawa TV show on Rogers Cable.  The whole interview was only about 8 minutes long and it went so fast.  It was frustrating when they asked me questions because I … Read more

Awesome Weekend!

Friday night is Sparring night for me 🙂  Everything was going really well until the sole of my foot made contact with a very sharp elbow of the person I was about to kick.  Let’s just say it didn’t feel good but that’s all part of the deal.  You have to be ready for anything … Read more

Always Learning and Loving It!

Since I’ve changed my eating habits I can’t believe how much better I feel.  Eating smaller meals every 3 hours really helps keep my energy up through the long training hours.  It’s so much work with all the food preparation and packing a little cooler every day before I leave the house but at least … Read more

A New Way of Eating!

I had a very productive meeting with fitness coach/nutritional coach and friend Wayne Thompson  from Core Plus Fitness right after school about my nutritional needs for the next nine months. Oh Boy,  I need to make some major changes!!!  I am apologizing in advance to all my friends.  I might be a bit grumpy at first … Read more

My Top 30 Memories of 2012

The beauty of keeping this blog is that I can always look back and see what I’ve done in the year.  I have so many great experiences that it’s hard to pick my favourite but here is the list of my top 30 best memories.  I wouldn’t have had any other these incredible experiences  if … Read more

Perfect Balance in My Life

I can’t believe another year is coming to an end already.  I’m so happy  I keep this blog so I can look back with a huge smile on my face as I see all the amazing opportunities I have had and all the amazing people I had the pleasure of being with. I had the privilege of  training with some of the … Read more

Mr. LeGrow and Ms. Maduk’s Coloured Belt Seminar 2012

Yesterday, Mr. LeGrow and I gave a 5 hour pattern seminar to cover all the color belt patterns. We wanted to share our passion for patterns and give students and opportunity to review and improve their patterns in more detail. It’s good to have two instructors since we both have different personalities and wanted different things emphasized.  This way we can … Read more