Track and Field – OFSAA

Spring High School Track and Field 2012 – Read my blog for more details and pictures

I train and compete with the Ottawa Lions Club and am a member of Athletics Ontario


June  – OFSAA – Brockville

  • 3rd place – Javelin
  • 4th place – shot put

June 1st – Eastern Regionals

  • 1st place – shot put
  • 2nd place – discus (PB)
  • 3rd place – javelin

May 23rd – National Capital H.S. Championships –  Junior Female Champion

  • 1st place – shot put
  • 2nd place – discus
  • 2nd place – javelin

May 16th – West Conference Track and Field –  Junior Female Champion

  • 1st place Javelin (broke the 2002 meet record)
  • 1st place Shot put
  • 2nd place Discus

May  10th- National Capital High School Classic Invitational

  • 1st place javelin
  • 1st place discus
  • 1st place shot put

The Ottawa Citizen wrote…

“Kayla Maduk of John McCrae was the meet’s only triple winner as she recorded top finishes in the girls’ junior shot put, 10.59 metres; discus, 28.38 metres; and javelin, 30.82 metres; She won the shot put by 3.26 metres, the discus by 4.93 metres, and the javelin by 6.54 metres.”


September 2o11 – Javelin

After I competed at OFSAA last spring I never stopped thinking about the Track and Field events.  I was so happy to get a call from Bill Heikkila from the Ottawa Lions Track and Field Club and I started to work under his training.  I absolutley love the the training and learning the proper technique.  I feel very fortunate to be coached by such an experienced former Olympian.  His passion for the sport is contagious.  I know I’m in good hands and I’m doing everything I can to progress with the javelin.  My next big Javelin goal is to win at OFSAA Spring 2012 so I know I have a lot of work ahead of me.


June 2011 OFSAA

Qualified to compete for javelin, discus and shot put at OFSAA in Sudbury.

With my two other school mates going to OFSAA

Kayla Maduk – 3rd place


  • Placed 9th in Discus
  • I had a sprained knee and had to eliminate myself from the javelin which is my favourite event.

2011 East Region:

  • 1st- shot put
  • 2nd – javelin
  • 4th- discus

2011 West Conference: Midget Girls Champion

  • 1st – javelin
  • 1st -shot put
  • 1st -discus

2011 N.C.S.S.A.A – Midget Girls Champion

  • 1st- shot put
  • 1st – discus
  • 1st – javelin

I’ve never had any formal training but I’ve practiced a lot on my own.  I was very thankful that my school lent me the equipment so I could train on the weekends and evening during track season.  I just wasnt’ sure if I was doing the right thing.

I love the throwing events since I’m a very technical person.  I am willing to repeat things until I get it right.  My entire life I’ve practiced and perfected taekwon-do patterns which are a series of self-defense motions.  I’m used to repetition and I love the satisfaction when you can measure your improvement by a tangible distance.  I would love the opportunity to see how far I could progress in the throwing events with the assistance of proper coaching and guidance.  I feel I have the strong core strength and overall coordination from taekwon-do plus the self dicipline, drive and focus for individual sports. Competing at the International level several times has also given me the confidence to deal with high stress situations so that I can perform at my best.  I just need to be told what and how to do these events better.


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