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2011-2012 Winter Season OSU Force U16 Girls

March 2012 UPDATE

Hardest Decision Ever – I hope I don’t regret it!

I LOVE SOCCER.  I love everything about it.  I love the mental strategy and anticipating the play.  I love the satisfaction you get when you give the perfect pass.  I love the rush you get when you are the first to the ball.  I love the excitement you get when you soar higher than your opponent for the header.  I love the satisfaction you get defending your net.  I love the fact that you win as a team or  you lose as a team.  I had a blast travelling with a team and building friendships. I love my coach Audra and that is why this decision is soooooooo hard.

I have decided to stop soccer for a season.  While I’ve been injured this winter, it’s given me the opportunity to really focus and what I want to do in the few years.   I’ve decided to test for my 3rd degree black belt next month so I can learn the new patterns in time for the Can-American Championships in June.  Then compete at Nationals in November.  I have to place in the top 3 in order to qualify for the National team to compete for Canada at the next World Championships in Spain, 2013.  Since I’ve already missed two sanctioned events from my ankle injury I really have to make sure I’m at my best at Nationals.

When I made theTaekwon-Do National team in 2010 I really didn’t have a clue how much training and commitment was involved. It consumed me and I loved every second of it.  I now know and understand the pressures of time and how much I can commit to other sports.  As much as I love team sports I need to have the flexibility for my TKD training.

It’s too much pressure for me to constantly be missing special tkd opportunities because I have to be a soccer.  I always feel like I’m letting someone down and I hate that feeling more than anything since I take my commitments very seriously.

With a team sport I can’t let down my 18 team mates, plus their parents and my coach. They have all made the commitment and deserve to have everyone else make the same commitment.

I thought I would be satisfied after the last World Championships but going to Spain is even a bigger challenge for me.  Because it’s in Europe there will be more competitors than there was in New Zealand.  I’m also going to be a 3rd degree which is a higher level.  More importantly, now I have to go and defend my title since everyone else wants it too.  All this really excites me but I have to be prepared!!!

I have also had a very unexpected realization of how much I want to continue pursuing Javelin.  I have loved my training this winter with Bill and my training buddies.  Being another individual sport I know I will be able to continue with it.  I love to see that you can easily measure your improvement and  I plan on attending as many meets this summer as possible.  There is so much more to the Javelin than I first thought at the beginning and I really want to see how far I can get with it.

I know that I will return to soccer someday since I love it so much but unfortunately there are only so many days in a week.  I’ve had a blast with my team over the last few years but I know this isn’t forever.  I always want to keep a ‘touch’ on the ball.

Every time you make a decision there are consequences and I’m really nervous for making this one and I hope that I don’t regret it.  I know I’m going to miss soccer and I would have loved to be coached by Audra for the next two years since I know she is going to be great for the team and I really hope that they can make it to the OYSL level again this summer.  I just hope that my team mates will understand and support my decision.  I was glad I was able to tell them in person about my decision. I will miss everyone and still want to come out to watch the games.

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2010 OSU U-14  Force Regional Team – Placed First in Season – Promoted to OYSL Level for Next Year


OSU Force U14 Girls Team


East Region Cup 2010 ERSL U14/15 Girls Champions

National Capital Girls Invitational Soccer Tournament – First Place

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Winter 2009/2010 – OSU Force U13

  • Winter Coliseum League Force U14 – First Place  (played in the U15 division)

Summer 2009 – OSU Force girls U13

  • Eastern Eagles 17th Invitational Tournament 2009 (Prince Edward Island) – Gold

G.I.S.T. –  Gold – Oneonta USA

Winter 2008/2009 – Power U12

  • Polar  Bear League – Silver

Summer 2008 – First year ever playing soccer – Rage U12

  • M.I.S.T. Carlton Place – Gold
  • East Region Soccer League – Silver

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