Jockvale Elementary School Awards and Teams

Jockvale Elementary School


  • Received Bill Guy Award twice at Jockvale Elementary School. This award is given by the teachers for best well rounded student of the year.  You are only supposed to receive it once.
  • Represented the school for the French Public Speaking
  • Was the M.C. for the school talent show in grade 5
  • Performed at the talent show singing ‘What a Wonderful World’ in grade 4
  • School choir
  • Drama club
  • Track and field
  • Relay team

Kayla sings “What a Wonderful World” in the Final round of Jockvale Idol

Grade 5 teacher presents Kayla with Bill Guy Award for the second time

Kayla was the MC for the Jockvale Talent Show which also consisted of being a performer in the show

Letting loose after the performance

Receiving flowers was just one of the perks of this fun experience

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